Road and why

Road and why

Tuning is not just for track


A smoother transition from off/on throttle, more linear power delivery, better fuel economy, lighter easier bike to handle, cooler running and a bigger, brighter smile all achieved through proper set up on your road bike.

All bikes are not the same, nor are the demands on fuelling and emission regulations hinder bikes performance from the crate, why not have the bike run the way it should?

We at P3 Tuning want you the rider/owner to notice the difference and experience what a full custom map can do and so we custom build every table specifically to your bikes needs, whether thats in combination with a fuelling module like Dynojet’s Power commander or Bazzaz’s TcFi system or if it is utilising the original equipped ECU with the latest Hardware/Software and one of the most up to date tuning facilities in the country.

Call or email now for advice, guidance and to book, we look forward to changing your ride forever.

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