Welcome to P3 Tuning LTD a motorcycle tuning specialist based in Liverpool

IMG_1050Offering custom services to suit your requirements, utilising the latest in technology, engineering knowledge and experience. Providing the highest level of service for track enthusiasts, road riders, cruisers, through to full competitive racing packages.

We pride ourselves on being very friendly and approachable, giving as much advice and information as possible.

Whether you want more top end power, smoother acceleration, different fuelling maps or fitting a turbo charger with expertise in mechanical engineering, race proven technical ability and cutting edge technology we are the ones to choose.

With the latest models having more and more technology you can make the best use of these features optimising throttle (fly by wire) maps, giving much improved control and acceleration also more control over wet maps. Secondary butterflies, speed limiters, ignition tables, fuel tables, exhaust control tables, if you have trouble with noise testing we can utilise these to achieve the necessary values within different programmable maps.

Power commander, Bazzaz, race ECU’s, Motec systems covered along with full carburation set up.

Other services include, offering motorcycle servicing, suspension, tyres, aftermarket products and repair. 

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  1. Picked my Tuono up today after a pc5 and an ecu flash. I had to work after I picked the bike up, but in the four miles home I was amazed with the bike super smooth and insane instant power!! This is provably the best mod I have ever done!! Thank you Paul and Jon for a fantastic job I could not recommend you enough. I’ve had other work done by p3 and has been a first class service, wouldn’t take my bike anywhere else. So if you’ve got a problem know matter what p3 will sort it thanks p3


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