Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories

P3 Tuning offers a wide range of motorcycle products, chosen through years of experience using, racing and in most cases testing to destruction and we only retail the best!

Due to our personal relationship to these products, we can give you the best advice on application, technical advice and aftercare to help you feel comfortable with your choice of product.

Our partners include;

  • K&N air filters these are a life time filter that are washed re oiled then re fitted on service intervals, being a high performance filter it benefits from much increased air flow allowing the engine to breathe easier and rev up quicker, we fit these to everything including all of our personal bikes.
  • Power commanders are a brilliant tool allowing live data to adjust your fuelling, but don’t be fooled by the online database of maps these are generic and no two bikes are exactly the same and therefore require differing fuel tables, if you have one then make the most of it and get a custom map.
  • HM quick shifters, “raise your toe to click the next gear, firing pop from the exhaust and seamless engagement into another gear” these are a fantastic quickshifter, easy to operate and adjust with the ability to run road or race configuration and delivers a clean engagement every time with that great pop from burning fuel, always a crowd pleaser.
  • Akarapovic exhausts, beautifully built by the world best
  • Pipewerx silencers, must have in the UK due to noise restrictions. The guys at Pipewerx are tirelessly working to maximise performance but maintaining a noise level of 102db and db killers that unbelievably don’t kill power (most cases 1bhp)

For more information on any of these or any other product please call or email.


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