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Motorcycle MOT book now

Motorcycle MOT book now

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Road and why

Road and why

Tuning is not just for track


A smoother transition from off/on throttle, more linear power delivery, better fuel economy, lighter easier bike to handle, cooler running and a bigger, brighter smile all achieved through proper set up on your road bike.

All bikes are not the same, nor are the demands on fuelling and emission regulations hinder bikes performance from the crate, why not have the bike run the way it should?

We at P3 Tuning want you the rider/owner to notice the difference and experience what a full custom map can do and so we custom build every table specifically to your bikes needs, whether thats in combination with a fuelling module like Dynojet’s Power commander or Bazzaz’s TcFi system or if it is utilising the original equipped ECU with the latest Hardware/Software and one of the most up to date tuning facilities in the country.

Call or email now for advice, guidance and to book, we look forward to changing your ride forever.

Race department

Race department

For on track support, data analysis and complete race prep packages please email the team or come down for a discussion to review options and systems to best suit your needs and produce the greatest gains.


We offer guidance and assistance on:

  • Power/Performance and reliability (engine modification and extremities)
  • Fuelling systems
  • Data acquisition packages
  • Chassis systems
  • Rider controls
  • Braking systems
  • Suspension choices
  • Electronic aids
  • Crash protection/safety systems
  • System maintenance and upkeep



Version 2



Electronic tuning

Electronic tuning

Ensuring perfection through performance



We strive to give the best possible gain from our services and in an industry that is changing very fast and ever toward the technically obscene, only the technically nerdy will survive and as we are pushing the boundaries of data analysis, intuitive electronic solutions, we are the new breed of motorcycle tuner.

Can’t help but love Flat slides


P3Tuning can maximise on all aspects of fuelling, from the most modern electronic fuelling systems through to the earliest carburation systems, we have many years experience and can help when choosing what carburettor for a given project.

Please get in touch for more information or to arrange work.

Parts and accessories

Parts and accessories

P3Tuning offeres a wide range of products, chosen through years of experience using, racing and in most cases testing to destruction and we only retail the best.

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Due to our personal relationship to these products, we can give you the best advice on application, technical advice and aftercare to help you feel comfortable with your choice of product.
Our partners include;

K&N air filters these are a life time filter that are washed re oiled then re fitted on service intervals, being a high performance filter it benefits from much increases air flow allowing the engine to breathe easier and revving up quicker, we fit these to everything including all of our personal bikes.
Power commanders are a brilliant tool allowing live data to adjust your fuelling, but don’t be fooled by the online database of maps these are generic and no two bikes are exactly the same and therefore require differing fuel tables, if you have one then make the most of it and get a custom map.
HM quick shifters, “raise your toe to click the next gear, firing pop from the exhaust and seamless engagement into another gear” these are a fantastic quickshifter, easy to operate and adjust with the ability to run road or race configuration and delivers a clean engagement every time with that great pop from buying fuel, always a crowd pleaser.
Akarapovic exhausts, beautifully built by the world best
Pipewerx silencers, must have in the UK due to noise restrictions. The guys at Pipewerx are tirelessly working to maximise performance but maintaining a noise level of 102db and db killers that unbelievably don’t kill power (most cases 1bhp)
For more information on any of these or any other product please call or email.

Welcome to P3Tuning

Welcome to P3Tuning

Welcome to P3 Tuning LTD a track tuning specialist based in Liverpool.

Offering custom services to suit your requirements, utilising the latest in technology, engineering knowledge and experience. Providing the highest level of service for track enthusiasts through to full competitive racing packages. We pride ourselves on being very friendly and approachable, giving as much advice and information as possible.


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Opening March 2016

Opening March 2016


Whether you want more top end power, smoother acceleration, different fuelling maps or fitting a turbo charger with expertise in mechanical engineering, race proven technical ability and cutting edge technology we are the ones to choose.

With the latest models having more and more technology you can make the best use of these features optimising throttle (fly by wire) maps, giving much improved control and acceleration also more control over wet maps. Secondary butterflies, speed limiters, ignition tables, fuel tables, exhaust control tables, if you have trouble with noise testing we can utilise these to achieve the necessary values within different programmable maps.

Power commander, Bazzaz, race ECU’s, Motec systems covered

Also supply race products, sevice items and tyres

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