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Peek behind the computer

Peek behind the computer

We here at P3 believe it is important to know who you are entrusting your pride and joy to and that it’s in safe and talented hands, and so we invite you both into our business and our lives.


Jonathan Owens Motorcycle Tuner Liverpool Jonathan Owens: Director

Born competitive and driven to succeed Jonathan has been involved with bikes since age 10, building his first bike bought from pocket money then funding his first race bike after fixing every bike in the neighbourhood  at age 14, that being a Honda RS125 GP 1987 “wish I kept that” which subsequently blew up several times due to living the trail and error period, then came a more competitive 1998 RS125Gp competing for four years at club level, at 18 moved to 600’s with a Honda CBR600RR for two years, costs then caused a move to CB500 cup championships putting the focus on the rider and ability to give the little wobbly bikes the grim death, coming away from racing in 2015 after being a championship contender, lap record holder (no matter how long held) and becoming a regarded rider.

Sticking with the bike side of life Jonathan used Motocross as fitness training and would be regularly found at Preston docks, Base Motor park or leisure lakes getting covered in mud during the off season. Enduro riding, touring and casual road riding are also enjoyed “nothing like getting across into Europe and stumbling your way through different countries”.

Credentials also include being a fully qualified Mechanical Engineer, VOSA tester, Dynojet Trained technician, TEXA trained diagnostician, IMI level 3 motorcycle, NVQ Level 3 service and repair, 11 years in the industry and many custom award winning motorcycle builds.

Apart form the engine powered bikes Jonathan is an avid cyclist both mountain biking and road cycling and passes the time with challenges in any form including an extensive house build complete with home automation all done by himself, just likes tech things.

Current bikes-

  • Honda CBR900RR
  • Honda VFR800 Vtech
  • Honda VFR800
  • Honda VFR750
  • Triumph Daytona 675
  • Honda CB500




Paul Lewis Bibby Motorcycle tuner Liverpool
Paul Bibby: Director

“A passion and love for what we do” Paul devotes himself to be honest and reliable always willing to push through barriers to achieve his goals. Spending his youth working alongside other riders supporting up and comers both on and off the track and interested in all forms of racing even being involved with a bit of car racing himself. Most evenings and weekends where spent in the shed shaping his knowledge hands on, tinkering with a few of his own projects including a classic Honda C70 full nut and bolt restoration worthy of any collection.

Road riding is where Paul gets his kicks and enjoys getting out and about to bike meets up and down the country, so if you see him about please talk to him he is always looking for new friends.

His credentials span 6 years in the industry from parts and sales with Hien Gericke, to dynojet tuning centre operator, with full qualifications in motorcycle maintenance and repair level 3 and a Dynojet approved technician.

A healthy competitive attitude is also demonstrated outside of motorcycling as Paul is heavily involved with Combat sports and serious fitness training, maybe not one to pick on for his funny hats.

Current Bikes

  • Honda CBF 600 Hornet
  • Honda C70
  • Honda CBR600F
  • Suzuki GSXR750



Custom Cruiser

Custom Cruiser

It’s not all sports bikes, we offer full services to the cruiser market, including service, repair, upgrade and obviously tuning.

Thinking of upgrading cams, exhausts, bore kits or hyper charger give us a call for information and prices.

Having spent a lot of time customising, tuning and building, including drag bikes we at P3 have a great appreciation and love for the cruiser, bobber and all those in between, because who likes to be one of many, be an individual. With RSD, Kuryakyn, Performance machine and many other products we provide you can change the stance, ride and look making yours that bit different.

Vance and Hines the sound of cool


Harley Davidson Liverpool Vance and Hines P3 Tuning


The sound coming down the road, gurgling through the trees,that throbbing beat from the big twins can’t be beaten and Vance & Hines have the instrument to harness the orchestra.


Harley Davidson Liverpool P3 TuningVance & Hines also provide a good range of styles from double barrel staggered to twin slash slip ons so you can further create your own custom. Combine this with a more free flowing air filter (hyper charger kit) from Kuryakyn and then get the fuelling to bring out the absolute best from your bike, greater torque throughout the rev range, better fuel economy, reduced engine wear and a smoother ride.

On fuelling the big twins there are once again many options available from ECU mapping to piggy back modules such as your power commanders, a favourite of ours is Dynojet’s Power Vision (shown below)

Denote Power Vision Hartley Davidson Liverpool P3 Tuning

This colour LCD display not only allows us the tuner to control the fuelling, ignition tables, all limiters and features, but also as a multi use computer showing sensor readings. Not only can it show you your mpg, throttle position, engine revs, speed but it also can log runs allowing for diagnosis of any potential issues, fuelling modification on the fly and can even adjust fuelling tables for different fuels (different countries and or octane rating).

Carburettors is a compromise with the twins due to differing fuelling requirements for the front to rear cylinder but at P3 we can tune your fuelling to get the best system in place to cope both with rear cylinder heat and front cylinder over fuelling providing a smooth power delivery without hesitation poor idling and cooler running.


S&S Super E Carb Carburettor Custom P3 Tuning Liverpool

We support all S&S carbs  along with all Mikuni, Keihin, Dellorto, etc. 



Harley Davidson Liverpool P3 Tuning




Suspension at P3

Suspension at P3

Overlooked and unappreciated


Suspension is a critical part to getting the right feel and confidence from the bike and will drastically affect how and when you get on the throttle for that fast lap time.

The specification of the suspension units you choose depends on your demands and we can help with this, along with getting the base setting for you, supply, fit and repair on mostK-Tech Suspension service and repair Liverpool P3 Tuning road, track and motocross applications.

We can support K-Tech, Nitron, Maxton and OE equipment.

This is just as important on the road as it is on track, having a motorcycle that is tailored to you, your weight, your ability, gives greater stability and confidence and therefore increasing the enjoyment. Touring vehicles or large cruiser’s such as your Harley Davidson’s and Triumph Rocket 3’s suffer terribly with poor brake and corner entry due to very soft suspension, thus leading to loss of front wheel grip, this can be radically changed through minor part replacement and set up but still retains rider comfort.

For further information, advice on set up, upgrades or pricing please drop us a message or better still call in for a discussion and a coffee.


Motorcycle tuning suspension Liverpool P3 Tuning





Road and why

Road and why

Tuning is not just for track


A smoother transition from off/on throttle, more linear power delivery, better fuel economy, lighter easier bike to handle, cooler running and a bigger, brighter smile all achieved through proper set up on your road bike.

All bikes are not the same, nor are the demands on fuelling and emission regulations hinder bikes performance from the crate, why not have the bike run the way it should?

We at P3 Tuning want you the rider/owner to notice the difference and experience what a full custom map can do and so we custom build every table specifically to your bikes needs, whether thats in combination with a fuelling module like Dynojet’s Power commander or Bazzaz’s TcFi system or if it is utilising the original equipped ECU with the latest Hardware/Software and one of the most up to date tuning facilities in the country.

Call or email now for advice, guidance and to book, we look forward to changing your ride forever.

Josh Owens BSB Moto3 campaign

Josh Owens BSB Moto3 campaign

josh owens

We are happy to announce we are sponsoring Josh Owens (JPL Racing) in his debut Moto3 ride with the British Super bike championship.

Josh is a young talent who is fast becoming the kid to watch after accomplishing a BSB 125 championship in 2015 and to show that was no fluke ran on Moto3 record pace in his Spain tests and has eyes on him from the bigger stage.


As a Liverpool based outfit we are keen to show our support for home grown talent, with our drive to be at the forefront of performance tuning in the country we look forward to  success in the future.  

josh owens 2

Check out Josh’s page for more information on his career so far! (click image above)

Race department

Race department

For on track support, data analysis and complete race prep packages please email the team or come down for a discussion to review options and systems to best suit your needs and produce the greatest gains.


We offer guidance and assistance on:

  • Power/Performance and reliability (engine modification and extremities)
  • Fuelling systems
  • Data acquisition packages
  • Chassis systems
  • Rider controls
  • Braking systems
  • Suspension choices
  • Electronic aids
  • Crash protection/safety systems
  • System maintenance and upkeep



Version 2



Electronic tuning

Electronic tuning

Ensuring perfection through performance



We strive to give the best possible gain from our services and in an industry that is changing very fast and ever toward the technically obscene, only the technically nerdy will survive and as we are pushing the boundaries of data analysis, intuitive electronic solutions, we are the new breed of motorcycle tuner.

Can’t help but love Flat slides


P3Tuning can maximise on all aspects of fuelling, from the most modern electronic fuelling systems through to the earliest carburation systems, we have many years experience and can help when choosing what carburettor for a given project.

Please get in touch for more information or to arrange work.

Parts and accessories

Parts and accessories

P3Tuning offeres a wide range of products, chosen through years of experience using, racing and in most cases testing to destruction and we only retail the best.

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Due to our personal relationship to these products, we can give you the best advice on application, technical advice and aftercare to help you feel comfortable with your choice of product.
Our partners include;

K&N air filters these are a life time filter that are washed re oiled then re fitted on service intervals, being a high performance filter it benefits from much increases air flow allowing the engine to breathe easier and revving up quicker, we fit these to everything including all of our personal bikes.
Power commanders are a brilliant tool allowing live data to adjust your fuelling, but don’t be fooled by the online database of maps these are generic and no two bikes are exactly the same and therefore require differing fuel tables, if you have one then make the most of it and get a custom map.
HM quick shifters, “raise your toe to click the next gear, firing pop from the exhaust and seamless engagement into another gear” these are a fantastic quickshifter, easy to operate and adjust with the ability to run road or race configuration and delivers a clean engagement every time with that great pop from buying fuel, always a crowd pleaser.
Akarapovic exhausts, beautifully built by the world best
Pipewerx silencers, must have in the UK due to noise restrictions. The guys at Pipewerx are tirelessly working to maximise performance but maintaining a noise level of 102db and db killers that unbelievably don’t kill power (most cases 1bhp)
For more information on any of these or any other product please call or email.

Service work

Service work

We offer a full range of service work for all platforms from full engine tune/refresh through to oil and filter changes and all in between.

All makes of road, track, race or dirt bike models catered for.

Latest diagnostic equipment to reset service lights, reset adaptive parameters and complete thorough diagnostic evaluation of your motorcycle.

TEXA motorcycle diagnostic Liverpool Merseyside North West P3Tuning

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