K-Tech suspension repair service Liverpool P3 Tuning

Suspension at P3

Overlooked and unappreciated


Suspension is a critical part to getting the right feel and confidence from the bike and will drastically affect how and when you get on the throttle for that fast lap time.

The specification of the suspension units you choose depends on your demands and we can help with this, along with getting the base setting for you, supply, fit and repair on mostK-Tech Suspension service and repair Liverpool P3 Tuning road, track and motocross applications.

We can support K-Tech, Nitron, Maxton and OE equipment.

This is just as important on the road as it is on track, having a motorcycle that is tailored to you, your weight, your ability, gives greater stability and confidence and therefore increasing the enjoyment. Touring vehicles or large cruiser’s such as your Harley Davidson’s and Triumph Rocket 3’s suffer terribly with poor brake and corner entry due to very soft suspension, thus leading to loss of front wheel grip, this can be radically changed through minor part replacement and set up but still retains rider comfort.

For further information, advice on set up, upgrades or pricing please drop us a message or better still call in for a discussion and a coffee.


Motorcycle tuning suspension Liverpool P3 Tuning





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